COVID-19 SiteSeer ChainXY Data Policy Notice

As you are likely aware, over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic many retail chains were required by law or voluntarily chose to temporarily close stores. We learned through our data partner ChainXY and our users that many chains were inconsistent in how they reported temporary closures. Some chains identified these closures as temporary, others do not distinguish between permanent and temporary closures, and others stated that store closures were permanent only to re-open the stores later. In our attempts to address this issue in the best manner possible, we continuously monitor the situation and revise our data handling policy as necessary. Following is our current policy as of 1/11/2021.
Due to how certain businesses report temporary closures, it is often difficult to distinguish these business disruptions from permanent store closures. Thus, in the short term it is our policy to assume that store closures are temporary and not remove these stores from our database unless we have personally verified that the store is permanently closed. However, if a chain reports that all locations are closed – whether temporarily or permanently – the chain is removed from all maps and reports until such time that at least one location is re-opened. We apologize for any issues caused by this policy. We are working with ChainXY and will re-evaluate the situation and update this policy as soon as it is appropriate to do so. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us via the Help menu in SiteSeer. Thank you.